15 Nov

Following the arrest of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad in Lebanon today on false charges and without due procedure the Muslim community in Britain condemn such oppressive tactics which are designed to silence the true voices of Islam and to appease the masters of the Lebanese authorities i.e. the Americans and the British.

Many rumours have surrounded the kidnapping of the noble sheikh today, some accusing him of not wanting to clear his name from the accusations of supporting an insurgency against the Lebanese authorities others to training members of Al Qaeda and giving them financial aid.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad has been interrogated by the internal security and military authorities over 100 times in the last five years, often as a result of pressure from other governments including and in particular the British and Americans.

The heavy handed tactics employed today including firing bullets at his car, whilst he was with his pregnant wife and young son, demonstrate the cowardice of the Lebanese authorities and their willingness to violate the sanctity of citizens to please their masters.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad has explained that he has had no official notice of the proceedings of the military court nor was he ever officially summoned to appear before a judge, nor was he informed of the decision by the judge or the court, rather he discovered indirectly by a lawyer contact that a life sentence had been passed against him and against other innocent Muslims, including some Muslim sisters.

The world is aware about the oppressive nature of the Lebanese government against their own citizens and their cowardice when it comes to the Israelis. These are the tactics of those who are willing to sell out anyone in order to hold on to the reigns of power, even if it means selling out scholars of Islam or shooting at innocent women and children.

We demand the immediate release of our noble sheikh and all Muslims held illegally in Lebanese prisons. The Muslim community in this country, in Lebanon and the rest of the world will continue to raise our voice in support of those unjustly taken hostage wherever they are and we will call upon Muslims to rise up against such tyrant regimes in order to release all Muslim captives and to implement the justice of the Shari’ah.

For more information contact:

Mr Anjem Choudary

Judge of The Shari’ah Court of The UK

Chairman of The Society of Muslim Lawyers

Former UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun

Call 07956 600 569

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