18 Jun


Ibn Qayyim in his book Hidayat ul-Hayara said:

“The Jews are the cursed nation who Allah (swt) is angry with, they are the people of lies, fabrications, treachery, conspiracies and are murderers of the Prophets and Messengers.

They are the people of usury and bribery, the filthiest nation and have the lowest of characters, farthest from mercy and closest to revenge.  They have the habit of animosity and hatred.

Their attributes are aggression and disputing, of black magic and sorcery, lies and tricks, they don’t hold any sanctity for those who differ with them and do not respect any covenant and sanctity with any believers.

They will have no rights or kindness for the one who agrees with them.  There is no fairness, justice, security or tranquillity for the one who associates with them or the one who mixes with them.

For the ones whom they work for, they give bad advice.  The wise amongst them are filthy and the experts among them are cheats and the good among them (Allah forbid) are not really Jews.

They are the most narrow minded and impatient, the most oppressive, their houses are smelly and filthy and in their suburbs they wear clothes that frighten you.  Their salutation is a curse, their meeting is pessimistic and their sign is anger showered with venom”.


Ibn Qayyim in his book Hidayat ul-Hayara said:

“The Christians are misguided cross worshippers.  They are those who swear at Allah (swt) the Creator in a way no other human has sworn at Allah (swt).

They are like those before who did not believe that Allah is unique as stated in Surah Ikhlas, nor do they make him greater than everything; rather they say, “the heaven and earth will crack and the mountains will fall down.”

The base of their Aqeedah and their biggest curse against Allah (swt) is the Trinity.  According to the Christians Mariam (as) is the lover of Allah (swt) and Isa (as) is His son.  They claim the Almighty Allah came down from His great chair and melted in the womb of Mariam (as), until He was killed and buried at the hands of man.

Its Deen is the worship of the cross; its supplication is for the images that are drawn on the wall, in red and yellow colours.  They say in their prayer “O mother of God provide for us, forgive us and have mercy on us.”

Their Deen is to drink alcohol, eat pork, desert circumcision, worship with impurity and eat everything, even if is filthy, whether that be the elephant or the mosquito.  What is lawful and unlawful is what their priests say; the priests can take them to heaven and forgive their sins.”

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