23 Feb

One would immediately assume that to equate democracy with terrorism would be a contradiction in terms. Terrorism is described as the unnecessary use of violence in order to achieve an aim, whereas democracy is about peaceful and collective participation in the law-making process and is therefore a diplomatic and non-violent means to achieve an aim, or so we would assume.


Democracy is a concept that has become a standard for the world today according to which everyone is expected to lead their lives. People are led to believe that Democracy is the modern, progressive and ‘civilised’ way to look after the affairs of society. They are made to believe that democracy will bring about progression and advancement, having seen the success western nations have achieved. It is seen as the only possible way of life that people are to live by and is promoted as being widely accepted by the masses. Failure to comply to it would render you an outcast, someone who is backward, regressive and in need of reform.


Democracy is the way of life of the kuffar in which they believe, live their life by and are willing to die for. The US and UK are hailed as being the champions of democracy and are the most powerful and advanced nations in the world. Thus the natural consequence of this is that they will do whatever they can to ensure that their way of life becomes dominant over all else, and that it is accepted by the world as being the norm. Hence these nations deem it necessary to convey their democratic way of life to the rest of the world so that they are able to further sustain their dominance and ensure that any threat to their civilisation is made impotent.


Recent events in Iraq show us the way in which the kuffar are determined to make their way of life become dominant and how they aim to make others conform to their standards and principles to the extent where they use violence to ensure that this happens. They kill, murder, bomb, destroy, rape and pillage to achieve their aims and to subjugate the people into becoming subservient to their demands.


The handover of sovereignty to the Iraqi’s, was gloated as being a symbol of self-determination for the Iraqi people by allowing them to determine their own affairs, when in fact the truth of it is that they are still very much dependent and subservient to the US.


If we were to look at the way in which this so-called democratic Iraq came about, we can see that the policy of the Western regimes is to use terrorism as a means to further their own way of life and to impose it upon others. The Iraqi people had no choice in their leadership or in the fate of their government; rather the US took it upon herself to determine the government of Iraq and its political reality. The same can be said of Afghanistan, where the US stormed the country using all its military might in order to enforce their way of life (democracy) upon the people, against the will of its inhabitants.


In fact, if one were to look at Afghanistan and Iraq after their ‘liberation’, it becomes clearly evident that the people of these countries have had no choice in the determination of their governments. Rather what we find is that both countries were instilled with puppet regimes, whose rulers worked in American petroleum companies and at some point, with American Intelligence agencies and remain fully subservient to the US. The claims of liberating these countries and establishing democratic regimes made by the US are now clearly understood. Their version of democracy in these countries is one that is subservient to the US with a ‘made in the USA’ label firmly attached to it.


It seems that the western world is determined to make their system of governance dominant over the world by forcing others to live their lives according to it. For those who reject, they are subject to facing the military might of these regimes forcing them to succumb to their demands whilst those who are subjugated to adhere to it are left to suffer in slavery under them. This is the choice they offer to the people of the world enforcing their corrupt and evil way of life upon the masses either way.


The reality is such that terrorism is not exclusive to the Muslims, rather terrorism is the foreign policy of the western regimes and a means that they adopt in order to further their way of life and bully the world into submission. They employ state terrorism under the guise of liberation and fighting evil (Islamic) despotic regimes to fool the people into siding with them.


The Muslims who follow and practice the belief of Ahl ul-Sunnah wal Jama’ah are not willing to accept such a reality where the kuffar are allowed to have the upper hand over us. The Muslim ummah was raised to be the best nation among mankind given the highest status of ruling and looking after the affairs of the people. Hence we hereby reject the deception and trickery of these nations and their filthy, rotten, democratic way of life for we have Islam which is the only divine unique and supreme way of life where the sovereignty is to Allah (swt) alone and all obedience is to Him and all that He has legislated. It is only Islam that will elevate and dignify the Muslims bringing advancement and prosperity in this life and the hereafter.


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