The success of the Sahaba

21 Dec

Our reality is that we are currently living in a reality where the right of Allah is being violated and the Deen of Islaam is being mocked due to the lack of Islaam being implemented. So it is our responsibility to rectify this the way it was done during the period of the noble companions because they had implemented the Qur’an in preserving in the Deen and raising the word of Allah high.


Our ultimate aim is to attain the pleasure of Allah (swt) and the way we could achieved that is by emulating the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and His companions in all aspects of our lives just as the sahaba did and that is the roadmap to the path of success. The companions of the Messenger Muhammad did not achieve the station of success merely due to the presence of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) but also with the guidance of Allah (swt) and Insha’Allah elaborating on the following points that can be used as a set of guidelines in order to achieve success.


* The Sahaba were successful because they only looked to the Qur’an and sunnah to mould their lives. They were not people who referred to anything other than the guidance of Allah and the Messenger Muhammad.


They rejected sources that contradicted with the Qur’an and the Sunnah but when we look around many people refer to various sources that oppose the path of guidance.


When people refer to other sources to govern their lifestyle they are saying that the Qur’an and Sunnah is insufficient and they resort to un Islaamic ideas to fulfil their instincts. Many people have taken MP’s as their Lord and Democracy as their way of life believing that success lies in this path.


* Their purpose of learning was for a greater reason


The sahaba learnt the deen to find out what was prescribed for them, the commandment and the prohibitions. They did not learn to attain a status or to make money by memorising the verses of Allah as many people do.They learnt the deen to know what Allah has commanded and what he prohibited. However we see many people today


We too should study the Qur’an and the sunnah as a solution to all our problems.


* They entered Islaam without any hesitation with Jahiliyyah being prevalant


We see many people as they start to practice Islaam a large portion of Muslims have hesitations about many aspects of the deen but Allah orders us to accept everything that which he has obliged.


When Umar ibn al Khattab entered Islam he made sure that his lifestyle revolved around the teachings of Islaam when he mentioned in the presence of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) that there is nothing more beloved to him more than the Messenger Muhammad except for himself, in response to his statement the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that he is not a true believer until he values the Messenger Muhammad more than his own self and at that instance he retracted his previous statement by proclaiming that he holds the Messenger Muhammad more precious than himself.


– When a person starts to practice Islaam he must first give up the Jahilliyyah in his belief, sayings and actions and then implement the beauty of Islaam in his beliefs, sayings and actions.


If we too wish be like the sahaba then must start climbing the ladder of success from start to finish by following their footsteps in all aspects of our lives regardless of the hardship it may entail.


– We must also challenge the jahiliyyah that is prevalent from its rootsIf we are to go out change and challenge all the corruption that is prevalent in society then we must rectify the deficiencies that we have in ourselves.


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