Urgency of the Dawah

12 Dec

Allah (swt) says: “Say, This is my way: I call to Allah with sure knowledge, I and whosoever follows me. and Glorified and Exalted is Allah. And I am not of the Mushrikeen” [Yusuf:108]


Carrying the Da’wah is the task of Prophets. It is of the best and most honourable deeds. Allah (SWT) says: “Who is better in speech than the one who calls (men) to Allah, works righteousness, and says I am one the Muslims ?” [Fussilat:33]


For the believers who possess the Islamic Aqeeda, the current world we are living in should agitate them to carry the guidance that they posses so that it becomes established and removes the evils that are drowning the world. This will lead to a blazing passion and urgency for the Da’wah.


Our lowly situation will not be reversed without our actions, it is the actions of the Da’wah that lead to change and open the path to revival.


When our mothers and sisters cry out in Iraq or Palestine from the pain inflicted upon them by the Kuffar, when a fighter cries out in Chechnia and Afghanistan due to being bombarded, when the child in Darfur has tears of pain and hunger streaming down his face. It us that must respond to this call because today there is no Khalifah like al-Mu’tasim to rescue the women of the Ummah, there is no Umar bin al Khattab to send food for the hungry, there is no Salahudeen to protect the Islamic lands. Rather today it is us who are the guardians of this Ummah and who are responsible to bring back the protection, honour and might to this Ummah by re-establishing the Khilafah, the shade of Allah (swt) on the earth.


Allah (swt) entrusted us to be the witnesses over humanity, He (swt) says: “We have made you the best nation to be witnesses over mankind. And the Messenger as a witness over you.” [Al-Baqarah:143]


Indeed it is a great responsibility, the entire world and its problems rests upon our shoulders. But remember together with responsibility comes reward and with reward comes Jannah.


Hasan al Basri narrated that Allah’s Messenger (saw) said: “He whom death overtakes while he is engaged in acquiring knowledge with a view to reviving Islam with the help of it, there will be one degree between him and the Prophets in Paradise.” [Al-Tirmidhi]


Anas narrated that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:


“There is some people in my Ummah that they are rewarded like the reward of the beginners of this Ummah; this is because they are forbidding what is wrong” [Musnad Ahmad]


Let us be these people by enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong. The Da’wah should never become a tiny flickering flame in our hearts so that we become slow in carrying it. The burning urgency of the situation of the Ummah generates the roaring fire in the heart of the believer, this should never dissipate turning us into passive beings hesitant in the actions of the Da’wah rather than being the inspirational leaders of it.


This disease is one implanted by the Shaytan, it is his call to transform the energetic into the lazy, the active into the passive and the Da’wah carrier into the lifeless drone. Indeed laziness, isolation, despair and defeatism are among the calls of Shaytan and he is trying relentlessly to lure the Da’wah carriers away from the Deen and the Da’wah. Allah (swt) mentioned that the Shaytan, Iblis said: “I will make the wrong fair seeming to the believers”.


Therefore we must banish the Shaytan and all his whispering from our hearts and minds. Allah (swt) says:


“Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of mankind, the King of Mankind, the God of mankind, from the evil of the sneaking whisperer who whispers into the hearts of mankind.” [An-Naas: 1-5]


The pace of the Da’wah must be faster than our heart beats as it is more important than our interests and our blood, it is something that should awaken the sleeping and make the walking run.


The Prophet (saw) was most truthful when he (saw) said: “The grinding wheel of Islam is turning. So, turn with it wherever it turns.” [Tabarani]


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