Knowledge requires action

3 Dec

(1) …I heard Maalik ibn denaar say :

” Whoever learns knowledge so that he may act on it , his knowldge humbles him. And whoever seeks it for a purpose other than to act on it , it increases him in arrogance.”

(2) ibn shawdhab said that matar said:

“The best knowlege is that wich benifits. And indeed, Allaah only benefits with knowlege those who acquire it , then act upon it . And he doesnt benefit those who acquire it , then leave it “

(3) Dawood At-Taa’ee said :

” Did you ever see a warrior when he intends to go out to battle, doesnt he first gather together his means ? so if he spends his entire life in gatheing these means, when will he fight in the war? indeed , knowlege is the means of action. So if someone spends his entire life gathering it, when will he do good deeds?”

(4) Bishr bin al-haarith said:

” Knowledge is good, for the one who acts on it. But as for the one who doesnt act on it, then there is nothing more harmful (to him) than it .


(5) Wuhaib ibn Al-Warad said:

” The example of an evil scholar is like that of a large rock that was pushed into an irrigation canal. So it neither absorbs that water nor does it Allow it to pass in order to bring lfe to the trees. And if only the scholars of evil were to be sincere to Allaah with regard to his servants by saying :


” Oh slaves of Allah listen to what we will inform you from your prophet and your pious salaf , then act upon it and do not look at our worthless actions, for we are afflicted people”


(then) they would have truly been sincere to Allaah in advising his slaves. However, they only desire to call the slaves of Allaah to their filthy actions, causing them to join them in that.

(6) Bishr ibn Al-Haarith said :

” What is there for me and for the hadeeth? What is there for me and for the hadeeth? indeed , it is only a fitnah , except for those who intend (the sake of) Allah by it.”


(7) Bishr also said

” They say : Indeed i forbid the seeking of hadeeth. (on the contrary) i say that there is nothing more virtuous than it, for he who acts on it . But when one fails to act on it , abandoning it is what is more virtuous.”

(8) Abud-Darda رضى الله عنه said :

” I do not fear that it will be said to me : ” Oh ‘Uwaymir, what do you know?” but rather , i fear that it will be said to me: “Oh ‘Uwaymir, what deeds did you do based on what you knew?”

(9) The messeger of Allah صلى الله عليه و سلم said :

” On the night that i was ascended up to the heavens, i came upon people whose lips were being cut off by pliers made from fire. Every time their lips were severed, they would be brought back and formed again. So i said : Oh jibril , who are these people? he said : ” they are speakers from your nation, who say words but do not do deeds, and who read the book of Allah yet do not act”


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