The world living blind

1 Dec

Mankind today stands at the cliff of destruction; leading meaningless lives filled with corruption, for which they can find no cure.

With the western world in power, nothing good has been seen, yet the people ignorantly obey and follow. Even the west itself realises that its civilisation is unable to offer healthy values in order to guide mankind; hence out of embarrassment do they ignore such and allow the people to follow blindly.

How long can mankind live blind lives? It is therefore essential for them to meet a new leadership. The present leadership has come to its final stages, not because it has become poor materially but because their foolish aim, to destroy Islaam, has awoken many – and will awake more in a matter of time.

This so-called leadership has failed many times to give its people what it had promised. Greedily taking everything to themselves and ignoring the open world. The only system which can return everything back to its people is Islaam.

It is now necessary for the new leadership to step in and provide for the world fruits of high values which remained undiscovered by mankind. And when earth welcomes this new leadership, will all nationalistic beliefs and corruption be thrown in the ditch.

However, the start of a new leadership does not come in an instance, rather it needs support for it to be established. The people need to realise, that such a role cannot be fulfilled by a small society rather by a nation.

Its people, who have declared that they are muslims, need to stand as one body, as one nation, only then will we succeed.

And Allah swt says:

“You are the best of the nations raised up for (the benefit of) men; you enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong and believe in Allah; and if the followers of the Book had believed it would have been better for them; of them (some) are believers and most of them are transgressors.”

The Muslim ummah must work towards bringing back its original form which stood as leader. Therefore it is vital to revive that ummah which is lost in the dust of the man made traditions.

We at present time are a community who are being crushed under the weight of fake imams who are teaching kufr, far from the teachings of Islaam.

As the muslim community has vanished, mankind see no option other then to accept the legislation by man itself. This vanished community need to rise and invite the society openly to this unique call.

The west today may own the quality of a great technology, but we muslims hold something far greater. We hold the deen of Allah swt which weighs heavier then anything you may find. The people of this deen have slept for too long, and must wake up! At this stage are the two camps built, where the camp of Islaam must present what it possesses to mankind.

Without doubt do we possess something greater then what the west have offered. Built in perfection to the highest degree does the west see their failure.

We call upon every Muslim today, to wake up to help bring this new leadership which the Earth has long awaited for its return.


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