Raised in the House of Fir’awn

1 Dec

As muslims living in the West, we must deeply consider our situation on an individual and on a collective basis. We must ask ourselves what is our purpose as a muslim minority living in the West, do we have some sort of an obligation to god and the vast majority of people residing in our locality (muslims and non-muslims)?

“I did not create Man and Jinn except to worship me.” Ad-Dharriyat: 56

Allaah also says again;

“Indeed in the Messenger of Allaah you have the best of example for him who looks to Allaah and the last Day and remembers Allaah much.” Al Ahzab: 21

Allaah tells us in the above verses as to what our purpose in life is and who the example is in order to fulfil that purpose, as there will be no dispute in following the standard that has been ordained by God because it is important to understand that if the muslims wish to obey Allaah & worship him this can only be achieved in the manner which he has prescribed for us. Allaah did not leave the Qur’an with us to judge it with according to our whims and desires.

At a time when Islaam is considered strange, backward and considered as un-applicable in modern times, these statements are absurd especially coming directly from the tongues of muslims. The causes of these irrational statements maybe for numerous reasons such as; lack of knowledge, plotting of the Minafiqs and especially one of the apparent causes of degeneration is having inferiority complex as to the Kuffar. Many muslims after 9/11 and 7/7 feel as though we should hide our heads in shame or in order to show that we are tolerant people we have to integrate in to the Kuffar way of life.

“There will come a time holding on to Islaam is like holding on to a hot coal”
(tirmidi –gharieb hadeeth)

“Islaam came as something strange, will return as something strange, so Tooba for the strangers.”
Sahih Muslim

In another narration:

“So tooba is for the strangers, those who are steadfast in righteousness when the people become corrupt.”

On the authority of Anas ibn Malik that the Messenger of Allaah said;

“Among the signs of the Hour will be the disappearance of knowledge and prevalence of ignorance.”
Bukhari and Muslim

The evidences clearly shows us that the times we are living in is something strange, especially at a time when the creation is worshipped instead of the creator, sexual promiscuity is rampant, prostitution being legalised, Paedophilia gradually being accepted by the general public, increase in poverty in the so called third world after being economically raped by the ‘civilised nations’, oppression etc.

The solution for the muslims is not to have a defeatist personality, but actively participating in any Islamic activities starting off with acquiring the beneficent knowledge which will please Allaah and that knowledge would have to be in accordance to what the salaf (pious predecessors) established for us. After acquiring islamic knowledge he/she are obliged to carry the Ilm to others publicly and privately so that we do not fall in to sin and we can differentiate ourselves from the people who have forgotten the day of recompense.

“And who is better in speech than he who (says: “My lord is Allaah.” And then stands firm, and invites (men) to Allaah, and does righteous deeds, and says: “I am one of the Muslims.” Fussilat: 33

If we study the life and times of our beloved messenger, we can see how he gave daw’ah to his people and what the reaction of his people was? He first called the people to tawheed and to shun the worshipping of idols. Before he started to proclaim his daw’ah he was a respectable and noble person within the Quraysh elite, given notable title such as ‘the trustworthy one’ but within days of him proclaiming the message publicly he was given new names ‘poet’, madman, magician etc because he criticised the corruption in his society openly due to which He and his companions were severely beaten, humiliated, slandered, boycotted and even killed. This is the struggle our beloved messenger and his companions endured this to bring dignity and honour upon this ummah, so whosoever would like to embark upon this path would have to endure the similar type of struggle regardless wherever you are or which ever regime you are addressing be it USA,UK or those false god regimes in the Muslim world due to their exceeding limits of corruption.
Many pessimists in particular the group of people who are cementing the throne of taghout (false idols i.e. the disbelieving rulers) would argue on their behalf saying “why do you bite from the hand that feeds you”, “if you don’t like it then leave”, “why do you claim benefits from the country you despise” etc. We can take numerous examples from the Ambiya such as Nuh calling his people to tawheed until the flood seized them, Ibrahim being thrown in the fire until having to be exiled, Jesus proclaimed his daw’ah until he was raised to the Heavans and Musa being raised in the house of Fir’awn, where he later brought an end to his evil regime by constantly commanding the good and forbidding the evil in response to Musa s public daw’ah, Fir’awn with his intelligence service and military might discovered his plan to flee Egypt with the Children of Israel. In result of his transgression Fir’awn was defeated.

“Allah has promised those among you who believe, and do righteous good deeds,
that He will certainly grant them succession (to the present rulers) in the earth, as He
granted it to those before them, and that He will grant them the authority to practice
their religion, that which He has chosen for them (Islam). And He will surely give them
in exchange a safe security after their fear, provided they (believers) worship Him and
do not associate anything (in worship) with Him.”
An-Nur: 55

We too can be like Musa being raised in the house of Fira’wn and establish the code of conduct which has been prescribed by God providing that we are deserved for this blessing.

O you who believe! Whoever from amongst you turns his back from his religion, Allaah will bring a people whom He will love and they will love Him; humble toward the believers. Stern towards the disbelievers, striving in the path of Allaah, and never fear of the blame of the blamers…
Al Ma’idah :54


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