Five Innocent Muslim Men Jailed

27 Jul

On Thursday 26 July, 5 innocent young men were jailed for a total of 13 years for allegedly wanting to fight abroad. Mohammed Irfan Raja, 19, Aitzaz Zafar, 20, Awaab Iqbal, 20, Usman Ahmed Malik, 21, and Akbar Butt, 20, were also accused of possessing material for terrorism purposes.

It seems that the British government is adamant on imprisoning anyone who even mentions the word jihad, let alone them trying to propagate it as a fundamental pillar if Islam. The young men were accused of possessing articles as well as ‘songs’ somehow linked to terrorism. The double standards are plainly clear since songs by people like Tupac, 50 cent or Biggy contain nothing except lyrics about murder and killing, which any sane person would equate with terrorism, yet when a Muslim listens to a nasheed which contains lyrics like ‘dear mother I need your prayer, tie a coffin on my head,’ then naturally he must be convicted for terrorism related offences.

The irony is clear cut and it seems that the Government is hell bent in its pursuit in silencing the Muslims, namely those who speak against its oppressive foreign policy in which they justify the brutal murder of Muslims be it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya or Kashmir, the list is endless. The Government continues in its onslaught against Islam and the Muslims, daily raiding, arresting and imprisoning those who rise to speak against the munkar (evil) that is prevalent in society as well as those who defend the honour of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) when it is violated at the hands of the kuffaar.

It seems that the only crime these young men committed was passionately wanting to study and learn about their religion and zealously wanting to propagate what they learnt, fulfilling the command of carrying their knowledge towards the rest of the ummah.

Remember my dear Muslims that the kuffaar will try everything possible in order to intimidate the Muslims and silence them, hence imprisonment is one of the few tools that they have. However, they can plot and plan for indeed we know that Allah (swt) is the best of planners and for sure the message of Islam will reach all corners of the globe until the name of Allah (swt) reigns supreme. May Allah (swt) make it easy for the brothers and all the other Muslims in captivity, strike the sabr and contentment into their hearts and unite them back with their families sooner rather than later.



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