The Three Bulls and the One Wolf

23 Jul

“Do people think that they will be left alone because they say ‘we believe’ and will not be tested”   [EMQ 29:2]

The Prophets and the Messengers of Allah [swt] were all tried and tested in their mission to promote Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism).  They faced many trials and tribulations yet they never gave up the noble and honourable duty of removing polytheism and implementing Allah’s laws on Earth.  Today the Muslims all over the world are being subjected to a barrage of attacks by the devils allies; we must never be disheartened rather we should seek inspiration and guidance from our pure and authentic texts.

The last and final Messenger Muhammad [saw] said:
Your likeness is similar to three bulls, who are all together (united) – a white bull, a brown bull and a black bull.  However there is a wolf (kaafir) who wants to eat you up; he knows he cannot do anything unless he separates you or divides you up.  So he attempts to split you up (by enacting an evil plan):

The wolf approaches the white bull and says to him “You are a pretty bull, a very nice bull and your colour is beautiful.  You work very hard but the other two seem to eat (thrive) upon hard labour and do not really appreciate your effort at all so why don’t you just desert them both.”

The white bull replied “How dare you say this to me, if you even think of saying such a thing again all three of us will kill you with our feet. (stampede you to death).”  So the wolf leaves him.

The wolf then makes contact with the brown bull and starts feeding him with bad (fabricated and false) information about the other bulls and succeeds in convincing him to isolate himself from the other bulls.  The wolf then speaks to the black bull and says “You are the slimmest and the most thinnest bull, the other bulls eat up everything and do not really care about you.  They show off a lot but me and you can be friends, let us forget them (and work together).”

The wolf (realises his opportunity) chases the white bull, kills it and eats it.

The wolf goes back to the black bull and tells him “The brown bull is bigger than you, better than you and stronger than you because he eats up most of the grass and leaves you hardly anything.  He also eats the share of the white bull and he wants to be in charge (the leader) over all of you.  So if he is in any form of danger or asks for your help do not help him at all.  I will be your helper (assistance), if you need grass ask me and I will help you get it and I will look after you.”

The wolf then hunts the brown wolf down and eats him.

Having succeeded in isolating and killing two of the three bulls he goes back to the third bull and says “All the grass is yours, I want you to eat all of it.  So you become fat and plump (ripe) so I can enjoy eating you.”

The black bull asks “Why do you want to eat me?  I thought you were my friend!”
The wolf replies “You are not my friend, you are stupid, people like us eat people like you.”
The bull replies by saying “You cannot kill me I am already dead.”
“What do you mean?” asks the wolf.
“I died the day you killed and ate my brother the white bull” says the black bull.

The lesson we can take from this Hadith is that the Muslim community is exactly like this today.  Whereby they please to split themselves into groups as the white bull, the brown bull and the black bull.  The moral of this Hadith is that all three bulls must bond and stick together otherwise be ready to be slaughtered by the wolf (British government and its right hand is the media).

“And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah (Qur’aan and Sunnah based upon the understanding of the Sahaabah) and be not divided among yourselves.”  [EMQ 3:103]



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