Do you Condemn or Condone?

15 Jul

Oh (so-called) nation of liberations and freedom, oh (so-called) people of justice and civilisation, oh people of Britain; in the past few years we, the Muslims, have been repeatedly asked,

Do you condemn or condone the New York bombings?
Do you condemn or condone the Madrid bombings?
Do you condemn or condone the
London bombings?

To those amongst you who have intelligence and possess rational minds, we say: These are ludicrous questions! Neither condemning nor condoning has stopped those responsible for these acts, nor will it ever do so. The people you are dealing with have warned you time and time again and also addressed you, and told you as to why they continue in a path of your destruction. We say to you: Take away the reason for their formation and you will take them away.

To those amongst you that have been denied the gift of intelligence and are convinced by the spin of the politicians, irrationality of ‘The Sun’, and propaganda of the BBC (and all other media outlets): Stop being foolish, listen to our voices and read our words. Your leaders are deceiving and misleading you, they wish for you to believe that they are acting justly and upon moral grounds. They present themselves as peace makers and protectors of humanity, but in reality they and their counterpart America are the cause behind the oppression throughout the world.

Oh people of Britain we have been asked questions for years, now let us ask you a few questions:

Do you condemn or condone a government that has aided in the killing of over a million children in Iraq?
Do you condemn or condone the nations that have taken over 500 hostages to
Camp X-Ray for a crime that has no name?
Do you condemn or condone the gang-rape and murder of a young Muslim girl in Mahmoodiyah by American soldiers?
Do you condemn or condone the support to the pirate state of
Israel, and its continual bombardment of Muslims?
Do you condemn or condone the consistent cluster bombing of Muslims in
Iraq and Afghanistan?
Do you condemn or condone the witch hunt of innocent Muslims in the

Oh people of Britain, we live with you and amongst you, and we do not want to see innocent blood flowing down the streets of London or elsewhere. We are people of Truth, because we believe in the ultimate truth, that is: ‘None has the right to be worshipped, obeyed and followed but Allah (the true God), and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah’, and we warn you oh people: the continual invasion, occupation, bombing, killing, murdering, and torturing of Muslims around the world will continue to give justifications to those people that desire to inflict revenge.

And if you do not take heed from our advice and warnings then do not ask us: Do you condemn or condone?


One Response to “Do you Condemn or Condone?”

  1. in search of truth November 12, 2007 at 2:35 am #

    I totally agree with this article it is about time the western nations were put on the spotlight to answer for the tyrannical oppresion . Britain and America do you condone or condemn your actions?

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